The Social Distillery opens on the Isle of Harris

4th of December, 2015 | Posted in General News | Email Article | Print Article

The inhabitants of the Isle of Harris now have a distillery to call their own with the opening of The Isle of Harris Distillery or The Social Distillery, as it has become known.

It created 20 vital jobs in an area where long-term employment is difficult to find, and also included the locals in its opening celebrations.

Chairman and Founder of IHD Anderson Bakewell said, “It is on this special island that conditions prevail for the production and maturation of a unique and exceedingly fine malt whisky.

As if that was not enough, we have every expectation that it should inspire creative initiatives- entrepreneurial, cultural and social- for the benefit of the island’s future, helping to retain those here and attract back those who left.”


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