The oldest bottle of whisky sells for £18k

10th of May, 2016 | Posted in Brand News | Email Article | Print Article

A 75 year-old bottle of Generations Mortlach by Gordon & MacPhail has sold at auction for £17,800. The whisky is thought to be the oldest ever bottled and was distilled on 17 November 1939, before being bottled at cask strength in 2015.
The bottle was sold in an online auction run by Perth-based Whisky Auctioneer, and the auction also involved what is thought to be the earliest known book on distillation. “The Practical Distiller” was first published in 1718, and is one of only 8 copies, one of which is held in Oxford University’s Bodleian Library and another at Harvard University. Bound with a subsequent work, “A Complete Body of Distilling” published in 1725, the pair sold for £5610.

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