Fancy your own distillery? Loch Ewe Distillery for sale

20th of November, 2015 | Posted in Bar News | Email Article | Print Article

Loch Ewe Distillery & Drumchork Lodge Hotel are up for sale. The distillery which utilises historical methods of illicit distilling prevalent throughout Scotland prior to 1824 and into the 20th century, is located in Wester Ross.

Although the present owner of Loch Ewe Distillery has kept the distillery unique by choosing to distill by hand, the licence does not limit the amount of whisky which can be produced.

Also up for sale is Drumchork Lodge Hotel which currently supports Loch Ewe Distillery and has 10 en-suite rooms, tasting rooms, whisky bars shop and a two-bed apartment.

The asking price £750K. That’s a lot of whiskies!

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